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My favorite Denver Nuggets Dancer was on an awful TV show called Are You Hot?  Thanks to my friend Matt Struck who is the baddest editing masta in Denver, I have the highlights.
Nuggets Potpourri

At the beginning the contestants walk out to be initially judged as hot or not.

Mongrels give My Favorite Nuggets Dancer catcalls.

Obviously of the hot persuasion, Ann walks to the hot side of the stage.

Next comes the nitpicking bikini portion of the show.

"We'll be nice to them, if they'll be nice to us."- Gollum, Lord Of The Rings.

What are those round things in front of the judges?  Subliminal nipples, me thinks.  Or the eyes from the owl in Clash Of The Titans.

They asked Ann to turn around.  What perverts.  Ahem.  She looks surprised by their demands.

This is just plain gratuitous.  What kind of Neanderthal would show this?  Shameful.  Moving along......

Lorenzo looks like he wants to eat her.  He told her something about feeling "heat" and gave her some high scores.  I chose this exact frame because his lips are pursed and he looks effeminate.  Ssstop it.

                   She couldn't be.....

                    or could she.....

be smitten with Lorenzo Lamas?  Ewwww.  Yuck.  I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Here's the other girls with Ann on the left.  They are all ugly.  Especially the one on the right in the 1 piece Charlie's Angels special.  Sidenote- The ones with their hands in front of them have no confidence.

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