-There is a fine line between clever and stupid


These are groups of 3 people with a common characteristic.

* People I Would Like To Play Poker With


The Earth Will Be Better Off Without You Trifecta

I Thought You Were Dead Trifecta


Shitty Bands That Chicks Dig And Guys Dig Them Because Chicks Dig Them Trifecta

Most Likely To Be The Gay Rapper Trifecta

QB's John Elway is Better Than Trifecta

Your Star Shone SO Bright, What Happened Trifecta

Please Go Away Trifecta

Big Lipped Trifecta

Ho Nex Do Trifecta

*   Foreign Trifecta

* People Who Think I'm Creepy Trifecta

Overrated Movies Trifecta

Suge Knight Ordered Your Death Trifecta

I Control The Universe Trifecta

No More Self Indulgent Movies Trifecta

You Looked Different In Maxim/Stuff    Magazine Than You Do In Real Life Trifecta

So Young And Supple Trifecta

You're Not Young Anymore Trifecta

*   Girl Next Door Trifecta

*   Nutty Cult Trifecta

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