Dream Log
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Dream Log

I dream every night but hardly remember them anymore.  Stupid.


I have 2 dreams to share, the first from a couple days ago involved interaction from Angie.  I have a reoccurring nightmare about zombies, the kind that result from infection, not crawl out of the ground.   I was at school hanging with my pals when the zombie attack came, people starting turning into them.  A band of me and my friends grouped together to fight them off.  I had a sword, I was cutting them in half.  I saw my friend Struck, he looked normal but said he was infected and walked away.  At the end of this dream, it's always me, Arnold and Frame that make it.  We went to a house to hole up and the zombies attacked.  At this point I started hitting Angie for real.  She grabbed and I screamed and jumped out of bed and hid on the side of the bed.  She finally talked me down, I asked if 'it' was ok, she said yes.

Last night I dreamed I was at work and was stuck working on a project.  I had been there for 36 hours straight, finally finished but it was time to start my next shit.  I was calling in for a vacation day and couldn't get it when I noticed a guy the row over laying on the ground shot in the head.  I  noticed 2 men walking up the aisle killing people.  I ducked and ran for the stairwell when 2 huge guys grabbed me and took me to a hidden nook in the building.  One of them then pulled a gun and tried to kill me, he was really a bad guy.  The other big guy shot him first and we left the building.  It turned out it was a robbery like in Die Hard but I escaped.


Very confusing.  I am in the wilderness with some friends.  We stumble upon some weird culture that basically tells us that we will have to eat Mexican food, then fend off a group of marauding villagers and kill them all and eat them.  If we don't, we will be eaten.  We are placed at the top of a large mountain at the end of a narrow winding road.  We can see the villagers coming up the road and set up a barricade.  When they come we kill them all and eat them.  Some sort of man-dogs come and finish up the scraps.  We then learn we have to do this everyday.  The guy that tells us this is always part of the raiding party but we never kill or eat him.  He is exempt.  At some point we go to a video rental store that has hardly anything good.

 We get used to it, but then one day another group of people arrives.  They look like a family of missionaries that have been tricked.  They are packed on to a wagon and taken up in the hills, presumably to be eaten.  We are then given a choice.  We can play this weird game against each other.  We do, but only pretend to kill and eat each other, and then we escape.  James from Big Brother was in the dream, and so was my friend Chris Huston.


I finally remember another dream.  It is mainly in bits and pieces.

I am at some dorms at a college with Angie, I don't know which college or whose room.  I pull off a 4 foot bong, it takes me 2 pulls to clear the chamber.  Angie does not smoke the pot.  I leave by myself and see my brother and a girl.  Since in my dream I am my current age he asks me what I am doing at school.  I give him a stoner laugh.  I go home, my parents house, and sleep.  My bed is on the front lawn.

I wake up the next day and go to Target with my mom.  I am only wearing a t-shirt.  I don't think it's abnormal but people are starting to look.  I feel embarrassed and go find my mom and get the keys to the car.  I leave the store.


I went to my friend from High School Jason's house.  I rode around on a bike out front carrying my cat Doug for awhile.  His brother Devon came out and said Jason wouldn't be out.  I started to ride along side Devon as he walked.  We came to a field and I noticed what looked like a toy cat.  I touched it and it moved, very weak.  It was very malnourished and near death.  I told Devon to stay with the cat and I rode to a gas station 2 blocks away.  At the gas station I got a can of cat food and a bottle of water.  Doug was being very bad and squirming.  I left with the cat supplies and headed back.  On the way there I realized that the salmon food I bought might attract predators, and I had nothing to put the water in.  I would have to bring the cat home with me.  Then I woke up.


I finally remembered a dream.

I am visiting college and hanging out with my Fraternity brothers. I watch some golf on TV and get tired and go to bed.  I get woken up by Frame, who has brought a pledge into the room where he is kind of hazing the pledge.  Frame wants me to get up and haze, too.  Instead I make fun of Frame. 

I get up in the morning and am hanging around the frat house.  Some girls show up, I think that my Fraternity is having some kind of event.  One of my friends tell me that Brooke Austin is there and is looking for me.  (Brooke is a girl I dated briefly about 2 1/2 years ago.)  I see Brooke and she kind of hits on me.  In my head I think about how I am dating Angie.  I am nice to Brooke but leave.

Everyone heads outside to some bleachers set up around a stage.  There are 5 sections, 1 for the frat guys, and 4 more for 4 sororities.  1 section is empty.  We all look up and see skydivers.  The first one has landed on a cloud, his parachute hangs limp over the edge.  he jumps off the cloud and his chute barely opens.  He swoops in at an angle, soaring just inches above the crowd.  The next skydiver misses the cloud but also soars just inches above the cloud, but hits a fence.  The event is over, everyone gets on busses to leave, another bus pulls up.  It is Angie with her Sorority.  Angie says the event taking place is actually a teachers conference and job fair.  As I talk to Angie, I see the bus with my Fraternity brothers leaving, I see Bill Tai inside and he makes a face at me.  Then I woke up.


I have this game where I tell people what super hero they would be based on their behavior at any given time.  For instance, if my girlfriend Angie is being crabby, I may say, "If you were a super hero, you would be 'The Crab'.  Angie told her family of my game while I was in Idaho and we discussed it.  Since it was fresh in my head, that kind of  explains part of this dream.

I am going to Invesco
Field, home of the Denver Broncos, to watch the Denver Nuggets play the San Antonio SpursI am going alone.  I am wearing my long sleeve Nuggets shirt and jeans.  Outside the stadium I see a Mexican guy standing by a van.  He is wearing a silver and black suit with top hat and tails.  He is a Spurs fan who needs tickets.  As I drive by I yell, "need tickets?", and he yells, "yes", and I yell, "too bad, sucker".  He laughs.  I go into the stadium and I am late.  It is halftime and the Nuggets are down 14-4.  I walk around the stadium and see my friend Bill Tai.  I take off my long sleeve shirt and jeans to reveal my old short sleeve Nuggets shirt and shorts.  I run around to show off to some chicks.  Bill asks what my plans for the evening are after the game, and I tell him, "If you were a superhero, you would be 'The Planda".  I explain that it is a Panda Bear that makes plans.  Then I woke up.


Since I have started working earlier, I don't remember my dreams as much.  Here's one from a few weeks ago.

I am going to Europe with my friends Becca, Dan and Shannah.  We go through customs at the airport.  Once we are thru, customs opens to a whole new wing of the airport and everything is European.  There is an Irish pub and I go get a beer.  I need to exchange money and the bartender rips me off.  There are other stores and the architecture is old.  We start following some British people who look like they are a mix of soccer hooligans and 70's punk rockers.  They walk up to an old lady, and one of them says, "Happy Birthday!".  The lady looks at him in an apprehensive way, and then he adds, "You fucking cunt!".  We follow them around while they do this to multiple people.  Then I woke up.


I have had a lot of dreams lately that I didn't want to share.  Last night I had some nightmares.  I woke up kinda freaked out and had to get up and check the house for intruders.  I got up at 3:11am.

I am on the Yale campus in a car with other students.  I don't recognize any of them.  A girl tells us of an urban legend about some woods nearby.  There is a sort of path you walk thru and sometimes there are murdered children's body parts.  We think it will be fun to go thru the path.  We go a little ways, jump in some leaves, so far so good.  I notice a car drive slowly by us a short distance away.  The next place we hit there are body parts everywhere.  We run to get out but each successive place brings more and more body marts.  Mostly skin and limbs.  Then I woke up.


I am playing floor hockey and am the the goalie in full goalie gear.  My uniform is red.  Even though it is floor hockey I am wearing ice skates.  I am doing very well and making a lot of saves.  Then a bunch of sorority girls walk into the gym.  It is a group of girls I knew but were never in a sorority together in real life.  When they show up, I start showing off.  I throw off my mask, throw my stick away, start skating backwards around the goal very quickly.  While I am doing this the game starts up again.  I can't find my mask or stick and I get scored on very quickly by a kid who looks twelve.  I still cannot find my gear and I get scored on by a guy I knew in high school named Eric Gill.   I see my gear in the corner and I race to get it.  I get back just in time to deflect another sure goal.  I start showboating again.  Then I woke up.


I was at a winter amusement park, and got on a ski lift to go to the top of a mountain.  I missed the lift a few times but finally got on.  Once at the top of the mountain, I checked out the gift shop with Karl, Dave, Struck,  Todd, and another random guy with Kenny G hair.  I gave them all the fraternity grip except the random guy, who said he was in another fraternity.  He walked away with his girlfriend and he was wearing some shiny black pants.  I thought to myself that he had a womanly ass.  Simon Cowell came out and told everyone  that the next American Idol Competition was to produce, edit and create a music video.  My friends and I gathered together to discuss our plans, and Todd we're confidant we would do well.  Before we left we got a sneak peak at someone else's video, it was Star Wars battle scenes.  I asked Struck if he could do it (since he is an editor in real life) and he said it looked tough.  On the way down the mountain, there were tons of Star Wars battle scenes being filmed for the music video, and everyone on the chairlift was like, "whoa!".  We got to the bottom and began working.  The dream flashed forwarded to us turning in our music video, but we made it in 4 hours and 33 minutes, and there was an unmentioned time limit of 3 hours and 11 minutes.  We were disqualified and our video was not viewed.  Then I woke up.


Lots of dreams again, but I can't remember them all.

I am in large loft studio that houses 4 small tennis courts, the floors are padded.  Becca and I are on a team, and as we play, the tennis balls won't bounce on the padded floor, so we aren't having very much fun.  Our ball flies out the window, and down below there are people playing on regular courts.  I ask for a little help and our ball is thrown to me perfectly.  Then I woke up.


I woke up a few times so I have a few different dreams.

I went to a Mexican restaurant I really like called Bennies, 2 of my friends (I can't remember who) were with me and Ray Lewis, the Football player for the Baltimore Ravens.  When we all got our food, Ray Lewis had a big steaming Lobster.

I went to a party at Brooke's house (Not her real house.)  Can't remember this part very well.

I was on patrol in Iraq, but just as a reporter, although I still had a gun.  All of a sudden Iraqi insurgents were repelling from above and running out from buildings.  All the soldiers smoked them, and an apache gunship came out of nowhere and shot the repelling insurgents.  One insurgent head was still attached to the rope and hung there about 5 feet off the ground.  As we were walking back, some Iraqi police showed up, I thought they were insurgents, but they weren't, I was nervous and trigger happy.  Then I notice the soldier next to me is this guy.  An actor named Courtney Gains who was in Children Of The Corn, Can't Buy Me Love and the Burbs amongst many other movies.  (His bio says he was born in Denver, Colorado, I did not know that.)  I say to him, "I loved you in The Burbs, Children Of The Corn and Just One Of The Guys (he wasn't really in that one).  He says thanks and we talk a little.  I hesitate, but ask if I can get a picture with him, he gets kind of offended and I say, "just kidding".  My friend Selby from college also made an appearance.

The last dream I am in a big room and am taking a shower.  The nozzle comes right out of the wall, there is no actual bathroom.  Al Wilson from the Denver Broncos is waiting to take a shower after me.  Then I woke up.


I am at a bar in college sitting with Shappel and Geib and drinking in the morning. We have an table upstairs that is a balcony. There is another balcony across the way, and all of a sudden it's showtime. British comedian Billy Connelly (He is in Lemony Snickets Unfortunate Events, and he is in the Live Aid DVD, I saw him in these 2 places recently) comes out. He starts talking, but I can't remember what about. From the floor below, rings start rising until they meet up with Billy Connelly's balcony and they make steps, and he does flips to the floor below. Then to show off, I go over the edge of my balcony holding a hanging rug and drop to the floor below.

I come back upstairs and sit down. I go back to my table and there is a young adult girl and her mom at our table, both pretty cute. I go order a beer at the bar and the bartender says nothing about my birthday and I am irritated. I go back and the girl is getting arrested for underage drinking, she is laughing with the cop and the mom is following. I leave the bar.

I go back to the fraternity house, which is different than the one I actually lived in. We are getting some the pledges ready for an event. But something isn't right. Half the pledges are retarded. Some people may say this isn't unusual in a fraternity, but I digress. We hide little metal balls all over the back yard. We put the retarded pledges in a cave area and block the entrance with logs. We then set them free. I kind of point a few metal balls out to the pledges. I am still confused, I walk up to Matt Preckel and ask, "have you seen these dickballs?" He changes the subject, and I realize I said it in front of a retarded kids mom.

Flash forward, I am in a classroom. The teacher wants us to write a report on Virginia by flying there and getting information, flying back and turning the report in the next morning. I get on the fraternities airplane to to go and it is real windy. Then I woke up.


I went to Las Vegas to visit my friend from college, Sara Hack. Unfortunately I have no pictures of her. She told me to come back and she would make me dinner. I came back and brought Lael with me. Sara was there with her boyfriend (but it wasn't her real life bf now hubby), and there was another couple there I don't remember. The house has kind of a red hue inside. The table was set nicely and there was a plate in the middle with an example of what we would be eating. It looked like a fancy French meal. Sara brought out all the meals, but then took them back to the kitchen, she felt there was a problem. Then I started sing The Who's "We Won't Get Fooled Again", complete with Pete Townsend windmill guitar motions. Then I woke up.

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