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This page contains pictures from the 
Nuggets first home playoff game in about 9 years.  (I went to the last one in 1995.  Nuggets lost to the Spurs.  ¡Muy Malo!)

This page will also have plenty of examples of my luscious bearded double chin.  Enjoy!

While it is dark, the scoreboard asks the fans a rhetorical question before the game.

The Nuggets begin to kick the Timberwolves ass and the crowd is pleased to wave giant phallus' in exultation.

Tae is who I split my season tickets with. 
He is pointing to the game we are missing
to take a picture like tourists, even though 
we are here (there) all the time.

Time winds down on the game, Nuggets win, 107-86.

Walking outside the Pepsi Center after the 
game, I spy my Favorite Nuggets Dancer, 
Ann Littleton
.  Inside behind a pane of glass, 
Ann signs autographs for stupid people who 
are beneath me.  After much cajoling from
my friend Struck, and feeling loose from 
beers and the revelry of the game, I walk 
up to the window and start pounding on 
the glass

This is the blown up portion from the other picture. Ann Littleton, back turned, and an unnamed lesser dancer kind of ignore me at first, but I will not be denied.

Here is the subsequent picture of My Favorite Nuggets Dancer, Ann Littleton, and me.  Due to the reflection, she got lucky and got a 2 in 1 picture w/ me.

For the heck of it, I blew her up a little bit, just to prove how pleased she was at my appearance.

After the picture, she gave me a quizzical look, I think I gave her a thumbs up, and I left.  I can only assume this is what it would be like in prison.  Short visitor time w/ your loved ones behind glass.

Then it was off to the bar to celebrate.  
Tae, Shortino's girlfriend, and Shortino.

Ryan and Michelle.    

Preckel, Tae and I have been discussing the Nuggets in depth for years.  After waiting 
many years for something good to talk about, 
we don't know what to do except drink a lot.

Preckel, Bunick, Karl, Tae and I.  This is Karls signature drunk pose, in the middle supported by others.

Being smart guys, Struck and I take the 
light rail home instead of driving really fast while drunk in order to get off the road as quick as possible.

What a great finish to the night.  I get home, stumble in, and Doug is cuddling with the 
Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky.

Since I was real excited about what my picture with My Favorite Nuggets Dancer Ann Littleton might look like, I wanted to use up all my film so I could have it developed asap.  Below is a montage of the other pics I was too lazy to put captions on.  I think it's important to get at least 1 picture w/ everyone who is present.  Man, I'm pasty.

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